Abbie Cat



Née: Mai 19, 1989
Pays: Hungary
Couleur des yeux : brown
Couleur des cheveux : brown
Taille: 5'7" | 170cm
Bonnet : 38B (US)| 85C (EU)
Tour de taille : 25 | 64
Hanches : 36 | 91
Pointure: 7½ | 38

At this point in her career Abbie Cat pretty much needs no introduction. This veteran sex kitten has been making men purr since 2008 when she was a barely legal teen and eager to please as much D as possible. Abbie is quite known for her work in the fetish arena and for being one of the best fucks around. And even with all of the pounding her tight little pussy has taken it's still as tight as ever thanks to her consistent kegal regimen that she encourages all women to do on the regular if they're not doing already. With her long black mane and stoic look this Hungarian vixen will have any man's dick hard and knees trembling in anticipation of what punishment she might dish up next. Definitely check out this buxom badgirl, if you dare.