Mila Milan

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Née:Octobre 21, 1985


Couleur des yeux :green

Couleur des cheveux :blond

Taille:5'3" | 160cm

Bonnet :38C (US)| 85D (EU)

Tour de taille :25 | 64

Hanches :36 | 91

Pointure:6 | 36

Bad-girl hottie Mila Milan's debut with the DDF Network set the stage for what members can expect to see from this hardcore kink and fetish goddess and ain't nobody complaining! The Austrian porn star has let it be known: the dirtier the fuck, the harder the fuck, the BETTER the fuck! She's a BDSM loving force of nature who's got what it takes if two or athree hard cocks want a piece of her action. As much as the short haired blonde and green-eyed babe enjoys being submissive and having leather strapped to her tight body, we can't stop imagining what this sexy tomboy might do if the tables were turned. Check out her videos and let us know just what you'd like to see this hardcore slut get into. Either way, you're gonna wanna stay locked on what cums next for Mila - your stiff pricks and hard clits won't be disappointed!

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