Kayla Green



Née: Août 26, 1983
Pays: Russian Federation
Couleur des yeux : Blue
Couleur des cheveux : Blonde
Taille: -
Bonnet : 34D (US)| 75E (EU)
Tour de taille : 29 | 74
Hanches : 38 | 97
Pointure: 9½ | 41

Kayla Green is the barbie doll of BDSM. This flawless blonde bombshell has been a permanent fixture in the wank bank of DDF members since she debuted with us in 2013. Kayla is the epitome of what a domme should be - confident, skilled at making even the most resistant submit, and sexy as fuck. Kayla accepts only the best to be on the receiving end of her BDSM bang-outs so be prepared to have your mind and wads blown after watching the often latex covered badgirl spank, suck, and fuck the hottest guys and girls, in the industry.

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